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The power of changing just one thing

This post could also be titled, "How a new hairstyle changed my life," and that would be true. Here's how it happened:

I was feeling plain. I was tired of my conservative wardrobe, my "safe" shoes, my modest suits and my shortly cropped brown hair. It was a style for sure, but one that was starting to make me feel trapped. Yet a full-on makeover was not going to happen. My need for safety required a more gradual approach, so I started with a hairstyle change. I went with gold highlights and an artsier cut - dramatic side part, longer bangs (see photo). And it got a little more dramatic as it grew.

Now I won't entirely attribute to my hair the growth trajectory that followed, but the new, funky look did put some spring in my step. I felt cooler and more confident and I began to exude these feelings. My presentations were more powerful; my executive poise was stronger. I found myself gradually modifying my wardrobe - new items I purchased were less conservative and more unique. My writing took on a more creative flair. My boss liked the edgier work and my willingness to take more chances. She noticed my increasing confidence. I was on a roll, and picking up speed like a snowball down hill in a blizzard. One year later I was promoted to executive level. I now affectionately call this "the hair effect."

By the way, this is not for women only. I've seen this happen with men, too. I've known men, for example, who are losing their hair and decide to just go for it and shave their heads. The new "do" made them feel "more badass" and bold, and that energy kicked off a string of new life developments.

This post is not meant to advocate for a new hairstyle, but if you're feeling stuck in some area of your life, often making just one change can start things moving in the right direction. Maybe for you it's an updated LinkedIn profile, a more adventurous-than-usual vacation, changing the grocery store you frequent, or something else.

The hair effect starts with one change. If you can't go it alone, reach out to me. Let's get the ball rolling!

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