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"You can get there from here!"

Wherever you are right now in your life, you can get what you want next.  Is it a fresh start, better balance, a lifestyle change, a new career, a richer social life, or something else?  Working with a life coach is an exciting, self-exploratory process that supports you in moving forward. It's real, fun, results-oriented and it's all about YOU  - getting what you want!


Working with a coach is an investment in YOUR life.  I have packages/rates to suit a variety of budgets.  Coaching is done by phone, Zoom, FaceTime (or similar) or in person.  Curious? Try a complimentary introductory coaching session to see if we're a good fit. Let's go!

About Me

For more than two decades I worked as a communications executive in the corporate world, juggling a demanding career, a growing family, and numerous outside interests.  Through those years coworkers would often turn to me for support to make a change or when they felt stuck, frustrated or out of balance. Coaching them to achieve their paths felt natural and fulfilling to me - more so than my "day job."  Turns out, coaching was an extension of my communication skills. So, after much research and training, I am now living MY true passion as a professional life coach. 

I have a genuine, direct, "no BS," non-judgmental style, and a knack for finding humor in situations wherever I can.  I have given up "corporate speak" and the idea that we need to fit a mold to be successful.  You can expect straight talk, lots of laughs, and real results from our coaching relationship!


life balance

Our lives are a complex mixture of needs, wants, demands, values, fears, goals, dreams and relationships. Pulled in so many directions, we can feel "off," unbalanced, out of control, frustrated or at a standstill.  Working with a life coach, you can create the life that is best balanced and complete for you.  

Work with me to better understand how to use your time, energy and effort in line with your needs, values and desires.

your WORK

Are you less than thrilled with your current position? Are you trying to cope with a challenging work environment?  Have you hit a bump on your career path, or even come to a screeching halt? Maybe your professional aspirations have changed, and you want to try something different. Perhaps you're re-entering the workplace after time away.  Or maybe you feel restless and unmotivated, but don't know why. Let's discover and map next steps for a more satisfying work life.


We all experience periods of change and transition in our lives - with relationships, relocations, health, family circumstances and countless other situations. Change can be daunting and even frightening - but it can also be exhilarating and transformational.  I can  support you as you navigate through unfamiliar territory, so you can experience change as  an exciting opportunity!

Let's Connect
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